Why You Should Tread Carefully When Considering A Pro Se Divorce

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When asked why you should not represent yourself during your divorce, your answer is likely to revolve around your inadequate knowledge of the legal system. However, there are many other reasons for not entering a pro se (self) divorce, even if you have a good understanding of the associated laws. Some of these reasons include:

Unforeseen Difficulties

Many people who go through with pro se divorce do so by following pro se divorce packets that you can easily get online. These are informational packages that contain details on what to do at every stage of the process, which forms to fill, which fees to pay and so forth.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect these packets to handle all unexpected difficulties that may arise. For example, what do you do when you don't make a filing deadline? What if you lose your paperwork? Which court do you turn to if the local one is closed due to a natural disaster? A professional attorney will know how to handle such matters.

Lack of Experience

Knowing what the law says and navigating its many complexities are two very different things. It is not just the rules and regulations you have to worry about, you should also know how certain judges think, precedent decisions in your state and suchlike things. For example, do you:

  • Know how most courts in your jurisdiction vote on contentious issues?
  • Know how to cut through red tape?
  • Have access to a network of professionals (such as accountants or private investigators)?

Think of it this way: given a choice between a fresh law graduate and an experienced family attorney, which of them would you choose to handle your divorce? Sure, there are exceptions, but in most cases, an experienced professional would be a good bet. What about you who have never handled any sort of case?

Emotional Reactions

Everybody who has gone through divorce will tell you that it is an emotional roller-coaster. During this time, you are likely to be sad, guilty or even resentful towards your spouse. These feelings can cause you to make rash decisions that you would not make if you were sober-minded.

By hiring a lawyer, you inject some objectivity into the process. For example, a lawyer will keep you in check when you want to give in to your partner's demands for the family house. Alternatively, your lawyer may help you to unearth some of your spouse's hidden finances, something that you may be feeling too hurt to do on your own.

Handling your own divorce is possible, but you should not believe that is it easy. The good news is that you can always consult an attorney like Vega Acosta Law Firm even after commencing the process.


10 December 2014

Improving My Life With A Great Lawyer

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