Lead Poisoning As Danger In The Construction Industry

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Lead is a soft, malleable metal that occurs naturally in the earth's crust. When the metal builds up in your body (usually after months or years of exposure), then you may develop lead poisoning. The disease damages the brain, kidneys, and nervous system. High-level exposure may result in a fatality.

Association with the Construction Industry

Lead is widely used in the construction industry. It is used in making some electrical cables, removing paint and soldering. Lead is also a component of some paints, and lead products such as lead bricks are also used in some specialized construction works (for example when shielding radiation sites).

Exposure to lead primarily occurs via inhalation and ingestion. This means that, as a construction worker, you may only be exposed to lead if your work involves activities that produce lead dust or particles. For example, you may be exposed to the metal if you touch dust particles and use the same hands to eat or smoke. Exposure may also occur if you engage in activities that kick up a lot of lead-containing dust or particles, such as paint removal or demolition works.

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

There are many signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in adults, which include these six:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Memory loss
  • High blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Mood disorders

One of the worst things about lead poisoning is that, in the beginning, you may not show any symptoms of the disease. This may be the case even if you have relatively high levels of the metal in your blood. By the time you realize you have been poisoned by lead, the levels in your blood may be high enough to cause serious damage to your body.

Grounds for Lawsuit

Not every worker struggling with lead poisoning may have grounds for a personal injury or workers compensation lawsuit. Whether or not you can hold someone responsible for your injuries depend on how you were exposed to the metal.

The good news is that workers' compensation will come to your rescue as long as you can prove that the exposure occurred at your place of work while you were undertaking your normal work-related activities. As for personal injury claims, you have to show that another person's negligence exposed you to lead.

For example, manufacturers of lead products are required to give adequate warning about the dangerous nature of their products. They also need to give instructions for use that minimizes exposure to the metal. If they fail to do this, and their failure leads to your exposure, then you may have an injury claim against them.

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9 September 2015

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