Kissing Cousins: What The Law Says About Marrying A Cousin Or Close Relative

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If you are in an intimate relationship with a cousin, you may want to consult a lawyer before you and your cousin take the next step towards marriage. Although some people think it is completely illegal to marry your cousin, the truth is, they are only half right. Almost all states in this country disallow marriage between first cousins because the genetic pool is not diverse enough between you to avoid genetic abnormalities in your offspring. However, there are exceptions to this rule as well as laws governing which cousins you can marry.

Marrying First Cousins When They Are Adopted

As taboo as it may seem to some, you can marry a first cousin, but only if he or she is adopted. For example, if your aunt and uncle could not have children of their own, but they adopted several children from other countries or even from right here in the states, you could legally marry your first cousin. You may have to have proof that there is no blood relation to your cousin (and you may want your parents' and aunt and uncle's blessing) before you can tie the knot, but this is the exception to the illegal-first-cousin-marriage law.

Marrying Second Cousins

There are some people who think you can marry your second cousins, but be careful here. Your second cousin, who is the offspring of your first cousin, is only allowed in certain states. If you proceed with this union, be sure to get some genetic counseling before you have children so you know what to expect. Additionally, if you travel to a state where marrying your second cousin is illegal, it could land you in some legal hot water and then you will definitely need the help of your family law attorney.

Marrying Third Cousins and Beyond

It is rare these days for third cousins to be close enough in age to spend any time together and end up wanting to marry each other. However, if you fall madly in love with someone only to find out that he or she is your third, fourth or fifth cousin, it is okay. (The law does not require any blood tests nor should you worry about the genetic factors should you and your love plan to have children.) In almost every state it is legal to marry distant cousins, and there is no penalty or law that will bar you from doing so if you want to. If you have questions about marrying a relative, contact a business such as the Ivy Law Group PLLC.   


11 March 2016

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