It's Time To Get Out: 4 Steps To Take When You're Escaping An Abusive Marriage

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If you've decided to end your abusive relationship, you'll need to plan for your safety before you leave. Research shows that about 4 million people in the US are the victims of domestic violence every year. The same research shows that violence has occurred in about 2/3 of all US marriages, with 95% of the victims being women. If you're the victim of domestic violence, it's time to get help. Here are four steps you should take now that it's time to leave.

Memorize Important Numbers

Once you decide to leave, you'll need to contact people who'll be able to help you. While you've probably memorized the phone numbers of your friends and family members, there are other numbers you should memorize, as well. Before you leave, be sure to memorize the phone numbers of local domestic abuse shelters, and other outreach groups that can help you escape the violence. Don't store those numbers in your cell phone. If your spouse takes your phone, they will know that you're attempting to leave.

Create a "Go" Bag

When you leave, you might not have time to take everything with you. That's why it's crucial that you begin creating a "go" bag as soon as you realize you'll be leaving. Gather at least one change of clothing, some extra money, and copies of your important documents. Place them in a bag and store them somewhere that your spouse will not be able to find. Once you're ready to leave, you can grab your bag and go.

Have One Safe Place

If there isn't a domestic abuse shelter near you, you'll need to have a safe place to go until you can get help through a shelter. This safe place should be with someone that your spouse doesn't know about. Find someone that you trust who will let you stay with them until you can get out of town. If you have a car, arrange to store it at an alternate location so that your spouse doesn't find you through your parked car.

Contact an Attorney

Once you've decided to leave your abusive marriage, it's important that you seek legal help. Your attorney will help you obtain a protective order against your spouse. They'll also help you file your divorce papers and find placement in a nearby domestic abuse shelter. When you call to schedule an appointment with an attorney, be sure to let them know that you're escaping an abusive relationship. 

If you're the victim of domestic violence, you need to get help as soon as possible. The information provided here will help you plan for your escape. Contact a legal professional like Timothy  W Hudson Attorney to learn more.


1 August 2016

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