4 Ways A Lawyer Can Assist With Patent Infringement

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Did you discover that something you invented is being sold by another individual for a large amount of money? As long as you can prove that the product was patented, you can sue the other party for earning a profit from it. A lawyer can help you get through the dispute in a smooth manner to avoid a long court case. Take a look at this article to find out how a lawyer can help with your lawsuit.

1. Consulting About the Invention

When you first speak to a lawyer about your invention, he or she will ask numerous questions. The purpose of the questions will be to determine if you have a good case against the other party. For instance, the lawyer will ask about the patent and whether or not you have documents to prove that one is in place. If you consult with the lawyer in person, simply take the patent documents with you to speed up the process.

2. Discovering if the Other Party Has Rights

Keep in mind that just because a product is similar to yours, it does not mean that the other party is illegally selling his or hers. A few alterations to a product that was patented by you can make the other party's product unique and legal. A lawyer can perform an investigation to find out if the other party has a patent in place for the product. If the product is identical to yours, you are likely to have the upper hand in court.

3. Calculating What You Are Owed

You have the possibility of getting paid for any amount of funds that the other party received for selling your patented product without your permission. A lawyer will hire someone to investigate the business finances of the party to get an idea of how many of the products were sold. You can also recoup money for legal fees that accumulate during the lawsuit. Punitive damages may also be compensated, as they can prevent the other party from committing the same offense again.

4. Presenting Your Case Before a Judge

The final step in your lawsuit will be for the lawyer to present all of your evidence before a judge. Depending on the nature of the evidence, your case can be resolved in no time. The duration of the case will also depend on if the other party has any evidence that can complicate the case. 


27 September 2016

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