Two Things Parents Need to Know If Their Teenager Gets Caught Shoplifting

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No one ever said raising a teenager would be easy, but if you teen gets themselves into trouble with the law, it is important that you keep a calm head while you evaluate what to do next. As a parent who suspects their teenager is shoplifting due to the appearance of new items in their bedroom, it is critical you know what will happen if your child is to get caught. Of course, sitting your kid down to talk about your suspicion is the first step to take, but what happens if they do not listen to you and continue to steal? These are two points you need to know.

The First Time Caught Shoplifting

The first time your child is caught shoplifting and detained by a store employee can be a sad day for any parent. Getting a phone call with the message that your child is in trouble with the law can leave you questioning your own parenting skills. However, the time and place for that debate is not now because your child needs you.

Head down to the store to collect your child and find out the details of the case. The type of crime they will be charged with depends on the state you live in and the value of the property they stole. In Texas, for example, stolen property valued at $50 is a Class C misdemeanor and does not involve any jail time. However, property valued between $50 and $500 is a Class B misdemeanor and could land your child in a juvenile detention facility.

Once you know what your child did, then you can decide whether to involve a lawyer.

The Need for a Criminal-Defense Lawyer

The answer to this question depends on how many times your teenager has been in trouble for shoplifting and what sort of charges they are facing. A first-time offender who stole a lipstick is likely to be released to parental care by a juvenile court. In this instance, a lawyer is not required.

However, a teenager who has been in front of the juvenile court more than once could possibly benefit from having legal representation. Theft charges can have a big impact on your child's future, so hiring a criminal-law attorney is wise. They may be able to negotiate with the courts for a reduced sentence or reduced charges depending on the circumstances.

If you get the phone call that your teenager is in trouble, remember this advice so you know what to do next.   


11 January 2017

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