Medical Bills For Car Accident Injuries When The At-Fault Driver's Insurance Company Won't Pay

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Sustaining injuries in a car accident where you were not at fault can be extremely stressful and frustrating. Not only do you have to recovery physically, but when the at-fault driver's insurance company does not cooperate, you will also need to worry about your medical bills getting paid. When you are having difficulty getting an at-fault driver's insurance company to pay a fair settlement, you need to immediately hire a car accident lawyer. As you wait for a settlement, use the following tips to take care of your medical bills:

Medical Pay Coverage

When you purchase auto insurance, you will usually have the option of purchasing medical payment coverage that will pay for the cost of any medical bills up to a certain amount. When you have medical bills due and the at-fault driver's is withholding a settlement, you can contact your own auto insurance company to use this coverage to get your bills paid on time. Your insurance company will then go after the at-fault driver's insurance company for reimbursement, so your auto insurance premiums won't go up.

Private Health Insurance

While the auto insurance company is typically responsible for paying for any medical bills due to injuries sustained in a car accident, you are able to use your private health insurance for medical bills if you don't have medical payment coverage with your auto insurance company and have not yet reached a settlement with the at-fault driver's insurance company. You will still be responsible for deductibles and co-pays, so keep records of any money you spend out of pocket. This is another situation where your private health insurance company may go after the at-fault driver's insurance company for reimbursement.

Make Monthly Payments

If you don't have health insurance or medical payment coverage, your medical bills will fall on your shoulders until a settlement is reached with the at-fault driver's insurance company. In this type of situation, it is very important to stay in contact with the billing departments of your medical care providers so your accounts are not sent to collections. A car accident lawyer like Brownfield Law Office will be able to help you make arrangements in the event that you can't afford to pay the medical bills right away. You may be required to pay a small monthly payment as a sign of good faith that you will pay the bills in full after your claim is settled and the at-fault driver's insurance company gives you the money you are entitled to. 


17 January 2017

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