Why You Could Lose Your Workers Comp Case

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If you need to file for workers comp, you'll find that the process is quite difficult and long. Throughout the process, there are things that could cause the claim to be completely denied or potentially delay it. Unfortunately, many people don't know what mistakes they can make along the way. Here are some things you might do that can be a problem.

You Don't Tell The Truth

Lying is not just a morally wrong thing to do, but it can cause you to not win your workers comp case. It is important that the lawyer you're working with completely understands the nature of your claim, which includes how the injury happened, as well as what occurred before and after the injury. It is very important that you tell the truth about everything.

If it is discovered that you lied about your injury, it could cause your claim to be denied. It is even possible that your lawyer may choose to not represent your case anymore because of your decision to not be truthful.

You Miss Appointments With Your Doctor

Part of having an injury worthy of receiving workers comp means that you will have ongoing visits to your doctor to have the injury treated. If it is not a major injury that requires regular doctor visits, it may not be substantial enough of an injury to justify receiving workers comp.

A common problem that people run into is canceling the appointments with their doctors, either due to being lazy or to the injury not being serious enough. This behavior will help prove that your injury is not as serious as you claim and could cause your case to be denied.

Always attend doctors appointments until your doctor says you are medically cleared. Even a short term disability can qualify you for workers comp, so do not let the length of the disability make you feel like it is not worthy of a claim.

You Skip Court Appearances

While you may not completely understand what is happening in court when your lawyer is representing you, it is important that you show up to give your case credibility. If your disability makes it hard to show up, that is a completely different matter and is something you should discuss with your lawyer. However, if you're completely capable of attending, it is in your best interest to appear in front of a judge for all court appearances instead of leaving it to your lawyer to handle. A judge may decide to dismiss your claim if they feel you are not taking it seriously.

For more information and tips, contact an experienced workers compensation attorney in your area. 


4 April 2018

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