Examples Of Emotional Cruelty That May Be Grounds For Divorce

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Married couples choose to get divorced for a long list of reasons. Sometimes, there will be a catalyst event — for example, one spouse cheats on his or her partner, who decides then and there that divorce is the way to proceed. In other cases, something may simmer along for a while before one spouse decides that he or she has had enough. This is often the case with what divorce attorneys call "emotional cruelty." If you feel as though you've suffered from emotional cruelty at the hands of your spouse and want to get a divorce, seek out a divorce attorney to begin the proceedings. Here are some examples of emotional cruelty that you may have faced.

Verbal Belittling

A common example of emotional cruelty is verbal belittling, especially if it goes on for a long time. This can include your partner calling you hurtful names and saying things that may make you develop a negative view of yourself. For example, if you were to burn something in the oven, your partner may say that you're stupid for making this mistake, and that you're a terrible cook. A single incident of such behavior is difficult to stomach, but if it goes on for a period of time, it can dramatically impact your marriage — and be grounds for a divorce.

Embarrassing You Publicly

Another form of emotional cruelty is embarrassing you publicly. A partner who engages in this type of behavior is often being intentionally hurtful, and this can suggest that you're better off divorcing him or her. There are many ways that a spouse could embarrass you in public on purpose. For example, he or she might specifically tell an intimate story about you to friends, repeat something that you've said in confidence to a large group of others, or even make up things about you that aren't true and share them to those you know.

Threatening You

Threats can also be a form of emotional cruelty in a marriage. One spouse may choose to threaten the other in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most concerning is the threat of physical violence, but this is far from being the only form of threat that may be present in your life. For example, if your partner is the primary earner, he or she may threaten to not share the money with you. If emotional cruelty is a part of your life and you want to move past it, contact a divorce attorney, such as at WORKMAN  LAW FIRM , to begin proceedings.


30 May 2018

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