What to Expect from Your Car Accident Lawyer

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A car accident, especially one that causes injury, can turn your life upside down. When the accident is not your fault, you should not have to deal with the aftermath on your own—the very best thing that you can do is hire an experienced and reputable car accident lawyer to represent you. Many people fail to hire a lawyer because they think they can't afford it, but almost all car accident lawyers work on contingency, so you don't have to pay a dime out of your own pocket. Continue reading to learn more about the services that a car accident lawyer will provide you with.

Communicate with the Insurance Company

When you're in a wreck that was caused by another driver, his or her insurance company is responsible for paying for your medical bills, car repairs, and any wages that you lose due to being out of work while you heal from your injury. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't like handing over fair settlements, so they will try their best to find a way to pay out as little as possible. When you hire a car accident lawyer, you can count on him or her to take care of all communications with the insurance company so you know that your best interests are being protected—insurance companies know that they can't take advantage of a car accident lawyer.

Collect Evidence

One of the keys to securing a fair settlement is proving that the other driver was at fault. Your car accident lawyer will do this by gathering a variety of evidence, such as official police reports, witness statements, photos of the accident scene, and even video of the event if it occurred in an area that has intersection cameras. Building up a case by collecting evidence is hard work, but you can count on your lawyer to get the job done.

Figure Out What Your Case Is Worth

Before your lawyer begins negotiating with the other driver's insurance company, he or she will take the time to figure out exactly what your case is worth in order to ensure that your settlement is fair. Some of the factors that come into play when determining the worth of a claim include medical bills, the cost to repair your vehicle, and the amount of your lost wages. Other things that your lawyer may consider are pain and suffering, any ongoing medical issues that you may have due to the injury sustained during the car accident, and your quality of life. 


22 October 2018

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