Three Lesser-Known Birth Injuries To Be Attentive To

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A lot of attention is given to severe birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy and joint dislocations. These are, in fact, serious health issues that should be attended to and legally addressed. However, there are other forms of birth injuries that, while minor, are still important for expecting parents to understand. Here are a few other common birth issues you may encounter, both natural and medically-induced.


Some newborns experience bruising after the delivery as a result of the birth. Sometimes, this bruising is due to the use of forceps during delivery to help encourage the baby along. Other times, it is due to excess pressure put on the baby by the doctor in an effort to help the baby through the birth canal. In most cases, any bruising is a minor concern and will heal quickly on its own. However, if your baby has bruising around the scalp, you should have this checked by a pediatrician just to be safe.

Swelling Of The Scalp

If you notice that your newborn has some swelling around the scalp, this is actually fairly common. It is typically caused by pressure applied to the baby's head by your body during the delivery. Contractions can cause the uterus and vaginal wall to press against the baby's head, which can result in this swelling after birth. This will resolve on its own shortly after birth, and is not something caused by the doctor during delivery.

Bell's Palsy

Bell's palsy is a condition that involves nerve damage to the face. When it occurs, your newborn may seem to have some facial paralysis, either on both sides or just one. In most cases, Bell's palsy will resolve entirely on its own, but it should still be evaluated and monitored by a doctor. Since it is caused by nerve damage in the infant's face, it is important that the doctor evaluate the records from delivery to ensure that it was not caused by an error on the part of the delivery doctor.

In most cases, these injuries will resolve shortly after the birth, but that doesn't make them any less concerning. If you believe that your infant was injured as a result of the delivery doctor or the labor and delivery nurses, you should talk with a birth injury attorney right away. He or she can help you evaluate the situation to see if you have a case.


9 January 2019

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