First-Time DUI In Wisconsin: What To Expect

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In the state of Wisconsin, a first-time DUI with no property damage and no injury to self and others is but a slap on the wrists. That does not mean you should go out, drink, drive, and keep tempting fate. There is still a punishment involved that might not jive so well with your job or your boss come Monday morning. Here is what you can expect if and when you are pulled over, tested, and arrested for drinking and driving in the state of Wisconsin.

Held over for Arraignment

​Usually, your car will be towed and impounded, unless you can get a sober friend or family member to come pick up the vehicle. Then the police will put you in cuffs, read you your rights, and put you in a squad car to take you to the local jail. You will stay there, probably all weekend, until DUI court opens on Monday morning. At this point, you are held for arraignment on your DUI charge.

​Appear in Court, Usually on Monday When Courts Open for Business

Monday is the first day you are released from your jail cell to see a judge. However, it could take longer if the courts are backed up and there are too many other people awaiting arraignment. At the latest, it may be a few days more of sitting in jail if you do not get a lawyer. If you did not request a DUI attorney's services, you will receive the first-time DUI punishment of another three days in jail. This may not seem like much, but when you consider the impact it has on everything else in your life, it is actually quite the punishment. This is especially true if you have already spent more than four or five days in jail with some very unfriendly characters, and you have not shown up for work all week. 

When You Are Finally Released

When you are finally released from jail, you have to face the ramifications of your time away from work and other responsibilities. Your boss or company may decide to fire you for missing so many days of work in a row and/or for your DUI if it gives the company a proverbial black eye. Your family may not be so forgiving, especially if your spouse was unable to pay bills or feed the kids in your absence. If your vehicle was impounded, you have to pay impound fees to get the vehicle out. In light of all that can go wrong, you would be very wise to hire an attorney even though it is "just" your first-time DUI in Wisconsin.

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17 February 2019

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