Possible Ways To Fight Your Traffic Ticket And Win

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No one likes seeing the flashing lights of a police car show up behind you on the road. If you have recently received a traffic ticket and you don't believe you did anything wrong, you may have an opportunity to fight the charges in traffic court. But beating out a ticket is easier said than done. Here are some of the ways you could possibly try to challenge your ticket in court and come out as the winner. 

Question the Officer's Vantage Point or Judgment

Some traffic offenses are pretty straightforward, such as a radar gun detecting you going over the speed limit. But others involve the officer making a subjective call. For example, if you are accused of careless driving, you could argue that the police officer was not in an area where they could clearly see whether or not what you did was careless. If the officer's vantage point was clearly behind you or at a bad angle and there were other cars in the way that obscured his or her vision, that could make a convincing argument that maybe the police officer couldn't see all of the information that you could at the time you made the decision.

Point Out That You Could Not Reasonably Be Expected to Follow a Certain Law Given the Conditions

Did you run a stop sign but the stop sign was obscured because of a fallen tree in the area? Did you fail to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, but the crosswalk was not clearly marked because the city had allowed the markings to fade? The police officer might know that the stop sign or crosswalk was in a certain location, but if you are new to the area and the traffic sign or markings were not easily visible, you could make the argument that you could not reasonably be expected to comply with a traffic sign that you cannot see.

Contact an Attorney

For best results when fighting your traffic ticket, contact a traffic ticket lawyer. A good attorney will help guide you through the above defenses as well as offer additional strategies to help you get out of your ticket. Sometimes a police officer's case can fall apart when a lawyer starts asking simple questions. Sometimes the cops don't even want to waste time going to court and your ticket might be dismissed if they don't show up.

Contact a traffic ticket lawyer today for more information.


6 January 2020

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