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In any personal injury case, the settlement decision comes down to which side can prove their stance better. For instance, was the plaintiff's team able to show that their client was the victim, or was the defendant able to prove otherwise? One tactic that either side can use in these cases to help argue their points is an expert witness. As such an important part of a personal injury case, it is important to learn more about these important witnesses.

Credentials are Incredibly Important

The most important thing to remember about expert witnesses is that the credentials of the witness are almost more important than what the witness has to say. As unfair as it might sound, the main focus of the defendant's legal team is to reduce anything the plaintiff's expert witness says. 

If they can prove that the witness is not highly-experienced in their field or profession, has made mistakes before, or that they received their degree from an institution with a questionable reputation — it will make the process of undervaluing their testimony easier. If your attorney is taking their time researching possible witnesses, be patient, and know that it is for good reason.

Necessary for Complex Situations

Whenever a personal injury case involves a complex situation, it is almost necessary that the plaintiff has an expert witness on their side. Instances where the victim has sustained rare and complicated injuries, the fault for the incident is not clear, or the person has sustained serious injuries that may not be physically visible, such as those involving mental health concerns, are some scenarios in which an expert witness is often necessary. 

In these instances, typically, only an expert in the area can breakdown these concerns in a way that the judge or jury can understand them better.

There Are no Witness Limits

Make sure you understand that there are no limits when it comes to how many expert witnesses you can have to support your case. While some discretion is often advised, it is best to bring in a witness whenever they are necessary. 

For example, if there is a case where there are complex concerns involving the cause of the accident, the victim's injuries, and the long-term financial needs of the victim, an accident reconstruction witness, healthcare provider, and a financial professional may all be required to help argue on the victim's behalf.

Your personal injury attorney will help you determine whether or not an expert witness is necessary for your case, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


15 July 2020

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