Three Things An Attorney Can Do For You If You Are Facing Felony Charges

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If you have been arrested and are likely to face a felony charge or charges, you need to contact an attorney with experience in criminal law. This is something that you need to do right away because an attorney can often help you at the time of your arraignment. The following are a few things that they may be able to do.

They can help with bail

The main reason for contacting an attorney immediately after your arrest is so they can assist you with bail. Even when a felony charge is not severe, you can be denied bail or have the bail amount set too high. Your bail will be set at the time of your arraignment when you are charged with your crime. Although there is very little that an attorney can do about the charges at your arraignment, it is often the case that your bail can be reduced or even eliminated, but it is only an attorney with criminal law experience that will be able to do this.

They may be able to negotiate the charges

Often a criminal defense attorney can negotiate with the district attorney's office to reduce the charges against you. This is often referred to as plea bargaining. It is done on a routine basis. This is done because the case may not be as strong as the prosecutor would like, and both the defendant and the prosecutor are unsure what the outcome is likely to be at trial. It is also done to avoid clogging the court system with criminal cases. However, if the case against you is weak, it is sometimes possible to have the charges dismissed against you.

They can help in many ways before, during, and after trial

Although you have the right to defend yourself, you should always have an attorney. An attorney can help with jury selection. This is often the most critical part of the trial because if you've selected the right jury, you have won half the battle. An attorney can also interview witnesses ahead of time and create a strategy that will present the strongest possible argument to the jury. If the verdict comes back as a guilty, your attorney is still valuable because at this point it may be possible to appeal your case. Everyone has a right to an appeal, but it is an attorney that will have to do this

Once you are arrested, you should remain silent and call an attorney. A criminal defense attorney can arrange for the best possible bail at arraignment. In addition, they may be able to reduce or even dismiss the charges against you. If you go to trial, they can help to choose the jury and interview witnesses. They may also assist you with an appeal if you are found guilty. Contact a felony lawyer in your area to learn more.


23 July 2021

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