3 Crucial Indicators Showing You Need A Disability Attorney

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Several factors can cause a disability, including genetic conditions, illnesses, accidents, and more. If your disability makes it difficult to work or participate in substantial and gainful activities, you can be eligible to receive benefits. However, the claims process is quite complicated and can easily overwhelm you, especially if you lack a legal background. This is where a disability attorney comes in. They'll build for you a strong case to convince the SSA and other authorities that you need assistance. Here are three indicators showing you need these lawyers.

Your Claim Hasn't Been Accepted

Your disability claim may be denied because of several reasons. Your evidence may be insufficient, medical records inconclusive, and the SSA may doubt if your condition will last long enough to be approved. Your claim may also be inaccurate and full of mistakes.

A disability attorney knows what to do to make your claim be approved. They'll gather as much relevant information and evidence as possible about your condition and explain how it affects you in various ways to the SSA. They'll also fill the required documents correctly. If the SSA denies your claim without sufficient evidence or reason, these attorneys can appeal this decision and get your claim approved.

You Don't Understand The Benefits You Qualify For

There are many disability benefits you can apply for depending on your diagnosis. The common ones include SSD, SSI, and veteran benefits. SSD is awarded to individuals who have a condition preventing them from working. SSI is awarded to disabled persons who meet specific criteria regarding income and resources, while veteran benefits include pensions, insurance programs, education assistance programs, medical care through VA hospitals, and vocational rehabilitation services offered to disabled veterans.

If you need help understanding the right benefits to apply for, contact a lawyer. They'll tell you the right program to enroll in based on your condition and explain to you the terms and acronyms in the forms. They'll also tell you the information to provide on the documents to increase your chances of qualifying.

It's Difficult to Get Your Medical Records from a Health Facility

You may need to obtain your medical records from the health facility treating you to prove you're disabled. Unfortunately, this may not be a walk in the park. Many have a policy against releasing the records to third parties and may deny your request. Thankfully, a disability lawyer can help you obtain these records. They'll get a court order authorizing you to access all your documents.

Many signs may indicate you need the assistance of a disability attorney. If you notice them, don't hesitate to contact these professionals. They'll discuss your options and help you make sound decisions. 

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9 March 2022

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