4 Questions To Ask When Consulting With An Estate Planning Lawyer

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Would you like to start estate planning? By planning what happens to your estate when you're no longer here, you can ensure that your loved ones don't have to stress over trying to figure everything out themselves. But before you complete the estate planning process, there are some questions worth asking an estate planning lawyer to gain greater insights into what it entails.

#1. Why Is It Important to Select a Medical Power of Attorney?

Ask your attorney about the importance of selecting a medical power of attorney and how this can come in handy during medical emergencies. If you're unable to speak for yourself and require medical care, it's crucial to have someone you trust in a position of power to make medical-related decisions with your best interest in mind. Your lawyer will list additional benefits of selecting a medical power of attorney.

#2. How Does One Transfer a Business to a Family Member or Multiple Family Members?

If you're a business owner and wish to set things up to ensure your business goes to someone in the family after your death, asking a question like this is essential. You need to know what goes into the transition from you owning the business to someone else or multiple family members, such as your children, becoming the owners.

#3. What Should Go in the Living Will?

When creating a will, you might not know what to put in it, but you don't want to leave anything important out. You can get ideas and touch all bases by asking the estate planning lawyer what to include in your living will. Your lawyer wants to ensure your living will is as detailed as possible so there will be no confusion or disagreements between your loved ones.

#4. Is It Possible to Change Estate Plans in the Future If Necessary?

You can change any estate plans in the future, but it helps to ask your lawyer this question before you get started. While most people won't need to make changes to their estate plans, things can happen over the years that would encourage one to want to remove or add individuals to their estate. You can discuss the steps you would need to go through to edit your estate plans if you ever need to do so with the estate planning lawyer.

Planning your estate is a fantastic way to protect the people you care about most. If you're getting ready to take such a big step, meet with an estate planning lawyer and ask these and any other questions you have before getting started.

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9 May 2023

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