First-Time DUI In Wisconsin: What To Expect

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In the state of Wisconsin, a first-time DUI with no property damage and no injury to self and others is but a slap on the wrists. That does not mean you should go out, drink, drive, and keep tempting fate. There is still a punishment involved that might not jive so well with your job or your boss come Monday morning. Here is what you can expect if and when you are pulled over, tested, and arrested for drinking and driving in the state of Wisconsin.

17 February 2019

Three Lesser-Known Birth Injuries To Be Attentive To

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A lot of attention is given to severe birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy and joint dislocations. These are, in fact, serious health issues that should be attended to and legally addressed. However, there are other forms of birth injuries that, while minor, are still important for expecting parents to understand. Here are a few other common birth issues you may encounter, both natural and medically-induced. Bruising Some newborns experience bruising after the delivery as a result of the birth.

9 January 2019

Tax Advice: What You Can And Cannot Do This Late In The Year, And What You Should Do

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Tax advice in December seems so arbitrary, but really, it is not. There are still some good things you can do right now to offset what you earned and possibly do better on your taxes. There are things you can and cannot do—and plenty of things you should do—before you file your taxes for this year. You Cannot Take a Deduction for Your Holiday Travels Nice try, but traveling for the holidays is not a tax deduction.

3 December 2018

What to Expect from Your Car Accident Lawyer

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A car accident, especially one that causes injury, can turn your life upside down. When the accident is not your fault, you should not have to deal with the aftermath on your own—the very best thing that you can do is hire an experienced and reputable car accident lawyer to represent you. Many people fail to hire a lawyer because they think they can't afford it, but almost all car accident lawyers work on contingency, so you don't have to pay a dime out of your own pocket.

22 October 2018

3 Things You Should Never Do After Hiring A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

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You probably made the right decision when hiring a lawyer to help you with your workers' compensation case. Now, it's important to continue making the right decisions while your lawyer is helping you handle your case. These are some of the decisions that you should not make after hiring an attorney. 1. Withhold Information from Your Attorney There might be some facts about your workplace accident that you might not really want to share with anyone, such as if you were doing something that you weren't supposed to be doing at the time of the accident or if you think that you might have failed your drug test.

13 September 2018

5 Tips For Handling The Logistics Of Divorce

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A divorce means different things to different people. In most cases, it will take some adjustment to get used to life after divorce, depending on how long you were married, whether or not you had children, whether you stopped working while married, etc. Many people will find the first few years after a divorce to be particularly chaotic. Disagreements and disappointments will be many. This is because most people don't know how to handle the logistics brought on by divorce.

6 August 2018

Examples Of Emotional Cruelty That May Be Grounds For Divorce

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Married couples choose to get divorced for a long list of reasons. Sometimes, there will be a catalyst event — for example, one spouse cheats on his or her partner, who decides then and there that divorce is the way to proceed. In other cases, something may simmer along for a while before one spouse decides that he or she has had enough. This is often the case with what divorce attorneys call "

30 May 2018