3 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer About When You Have Been Exposed To Asbestos At Work

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If you have recently learned that you were exposed to asbestos at work or if you have recently started to develop breathing challenges, lung cancer or similar issues as a result of previous exposure, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney to determine your rights and responsibilities. For example, it is a good idea to know what you can expect from the entire experience in the foreseeable future. In addition, you may also want to clarify whether your contact with asbestos can be classified as direct or secondary exposure, as that information can eventually impact your legal rights due to recent changes in those laws.

4 November 2016

Discriminated Against As A Single Renting Mother? What Are Your Legal Options?

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Whether you and your children have recently been evicted by your landlord through questionable means or you find yourself being hung up on by property managers as soon as you mention you have a toddler, you may be wondering whether you have any legal options. Single mothers who rent rather than own can find themselves on the receiving end of discrimination by property managers and landlords who don't want to deal with the perceived hassles of young children -- however, overt discrimination on the basis of parental status is a violation of federal housing laws.

14 October 2016

4 Ways A Lawyer Can Assist With Patent Infringement

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Did you discover that something you invented is being sold by another individual for a large amount of money? As long as you can prove that the product was patented, you can sue the other party for earning a profit from it. A lawyer can help you get through the dispute in a smooth manner to avoid a long court case. Take a look at this article to find out how a lawyer can help with your lawsuit.

27 September 2016

Addressing Several Common Bankruptcy Questions

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Having the misfortune of experiencing severe financial difficulties can be an extremely stressful event for anyone to go through. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may have a weak understanding about their options for getting relief from these difficulties. In particular, bankruptcy can be an effective option for those that are facing dire financial circumstances. If you are unfamiliar with declaring bankruptcy, the following information may help you to be better prepared to decide whether to use this form of legal protection.

7 September 2016

Paperwork Avalanche: Keeping Up With Real Estate Documents

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Purchasing a home is a momentous occasion, and with it comes a mountain of tasks to attend to and a seemingly never-ending avalanche of paperwork. For many, this housing purchase will likely be the most money they will ever spend, so the details and paperwork can be vitally important. While your real estate agent will be there to assist you with many tasks, the services of a professional real estate attorney may be needed to help you deal with all that paperwork.

18 August 2016

It's Time To Get Out: 4 Steps To Take When You're Escaping An Abusive Marriage

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If you've decided to end your abusive relationship, you'll need to plan for your safety before you leave. Research shows that about 4 million people in the US are the victims of domestic violence every year. The same research shows that violence has occurred in about 2/3 of all US marriages, with 95% of the victims being women. If you're the victim of domestic violence, it's time to get help. Here are four steps you should take now that it's time to leave.

1 August 2016

Loans To Friends And Family: What You Need To Know About Promissory Notes

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Negotiating loans between friends and family members can be somewhat delicate situations. If you're on the lending side of this type of agreement, you should consider drafting a promissory note as part of the process. While you might only think of promissory notes as part of a loan with a bank or other formal lender, the truth is that promissory notes are important for any kind of loan, because they provide you with the legal details you need to collect on the balance.

18 July 2016