4 Kinds Of Documentation Needed By An Auto Accident Attorney

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When a person who was injured in a car crash has trouble obtaining sufficient compensation from the insurance company, consulting an auto accident attorney may be advisable. If the two decide to work together on the case, the client must provide all the documentation necessary for the lawyer to succeed in negotiations. 

Insurer Communications

The lawyer will want to review all written communication with the automotive insurance company. That includes anything the person has in hard copy as well as emails and attachments. The adjusters might have made a settlement offer in writing that the person has not yet signed.

In fault-based states, the offer would be from the insurer of the driver who caused the incident. In no-fault states, this offer would be from the accident victim's insurer.

After the injured person hires an attorney, they should no longer communicate directly with the insurance company. All communication now should be handled by the lawyer.

Medical Records

The person must acquire copies of the relevant medical records. These include hard copies and electronic records.

This can be a time-consuming project because it may involve making requests of more than one doctor, department, and facility. Records from all relevant appointments with healthcare practitioners are needed. That might include a surgeon, a family doctor, and a physical therapist. The lawyer needs diagnostic records such as X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging scans. All records from a hospital stay must be provided.

Police Report

The person should bring the law enforcement report of the accident to the initial consultation. The police department might charge a small administrative fee for copying or printing the document. If photographs were taken, there likely will be additional charge for copies.

A Personal Account

Although it may feel emotionally troubling and inconvenient, this individual must write up a personal description of the incident and what has transpired since. This can be done in journal form or as notes. Details on how the person feels and how life has been affected should be included.


Having a place to organize and store all the paperwork is helpful. A cardboard document storage box or plastic tote makes it easy to carry everything to the law office. Relevant digital records can be stored on a flash drive. The attorney will greatly appreciate this level of organization.

Making Contact

Having all of these records helps the attorney reach the best possible settlement with the insurance company. It provides verification of details and a timeline of diagnostics and treatments. When someone is ready to speak with an accident attorney, contact can be made online or by phone.


15 March 2021

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