Factors That Determine The Domestic Violence Bail Bond Amount

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If one of your loved ones has been accused of a domestic violence charge, you must pay either bail or bond. However, according to the law, these payments are not the same. The main difference is that bail is the amount you will pay to get out of jail, while a bail bond is the money your bail bond agent will pay to get you out of jail. Ultimately, one must wait for the court to determine the domestic violence bail bond amount before you start searching for the money. Here are various factors determining the bail bond amount you will pay for a domestic violence charge.

Your Domestic Violence History

Before setting the bail bond amount, the judge must consider your domestic violence history. They must determine whether it is a first or repeated offense. As such, your domestic violence bail bond will be high if you have been previously charged with such issues. Furthermore, they will look at the number of people who have accused you of domestic violence when checking your history. For example, your bail bond will be high if many people have accused you of domestic violence instead of one person. Ultimately, you will pay more to get out of jail because of a domestic violence charge if you have a bad history. 

Your Criminal History

Your criminal history will determine your domestic violence bail bond, but it depends on the severity of your previous crimes. Thus, you may receive a lower bail bond if you do not have a criminal record. However, if you have a criminal history, the judge will evaluate your previous crimes and whether you were found guilty. As such, if you have been convicted of serious crimes, the judge may grant you a higher bail. 

Your Court History

Bail bonds are set to ensure the perpetrator shows up in court. As such, the judge will consider your previous court history before setting your domestic violence bail bond. You may get a higher amount if you have a history of skipping court dates or not showing up during the proceedings. Additionally, you will face various consequences for skipping your court dates. For instance, your cash bond will not be refunded if you do not attend your domestic violence proceedings. Furthermore, you may be arrested to ensure you forcefully attend the court proceedings. Ultimately, the judge sets a high bail to ensure you are highly motivated to attend your domestic violence case, especially if you have not attended your previous court dates.

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9 August 2022

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