Are You In Disagreement With Your Neighbor Regarding The Position Of Your Boundary? See How A Legal Advisor Can Help

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Boundary lines between properties are essential in determining what each party owns. If these lines are unclear, disputes arise as each entity tries to defend what they believe is rightfully theirs. Because these disagreements can escalate quickly and become aggressive, hiring a lawyer from a reputable real estate law firm to resolve the issue on your behalf is advisable. They will likely take the following measures to help you settle the matter with your neighbor.

Determining the Property Line's Location

Your attorney will start by evaluating relevant documents to determine the actual location of the boundary line that separates your property from your neighbor's. They are careful to compare the original documents you used when purchasing your property with the most recent ones. This enables them to determine whether recent developments or features have transformed your area. If this is the case, they will take legal steps to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

For example, the lawyer can present documents demonstrating that your neighbor has edged into your space illegally. Some of these include maps, surveys of the property, and other documentation showing the original boundary's location. It may convince your neighbor to move out of your land. However, if they remain adamant, your lawyer will litigate the matter in court to help ensure you get justice.

Filing Suit in Court

The law allows you to eject a person infringing on your property. Therefore, if your lawyer cannot resolve the boundary issue out of court, they will bring the dispute to a judge for determination. The legal practitioner will prepare and file the claim, ensuring compliance with all the legal requirements. Additionally, they will present evidence to support your claim and show that your neighbor has violated the law.

Your legal advisor represents you in court to convince the judge that your neighbor has trespassed and needs to leave your premises. If the action succeeds, the judge may award you full ownership of the disputed property, with your neighbor required to move within a certain time as ordered by the court. In addition, the defendant will have to remove their possessions themselves so that you won't incur losses doing so on their behalf.

Boundary disputes can lead to legal battles that could make you spend a lot of money seeking justice. Nonetheless, whenever such disagreements arise, a real estate lawyer can help you resolve the issue out of court. If this fails, they litigate the matter in order to remove your neighbor from your property.

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23 January 2023

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