4 Situations It Will Help To Have A Civil Law Attorney On Your Side

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Are you about to end the courtroom over a dispute that is considered a civil matter? Even though it is not as serious as a criminal trial, you'll likely still want to have an attorney on your side to assist you through the process. Here are a few examples of civil lawsuits where an attorney can help. 

Injury Lawsuits 

If you are injured and seeking compensation from the responsible party, this is considered a civil matter that can be handled in court. Thankfully, many cases never reach the courtroom when they are handled by an attorney. By keeping negotiations in mediation you'll end up with lower legal and court costs, which results in more compensation in your pocket.

Employment Lawsuits 

Do you have an issue with your employer that requires a judge or jury to decide on the matter? This can include things like being wrongfully terminated from your job, being discriminated against by management, and even not receiving the proper pay that you are supposed to get. All of these matters are considered civil matters and are best handled by an attorney. That's due to how difficult it can be to prove things like wrongful termination or discrimination, and you can end up losing more money in the end with an unsuccessful court case. 

Contract Disputes 

Another common problem that comes up with businesses is contract disputes. These happen when one person feels like the other person did not fulfill their part of a contract. This is then considered a breach of contract or a failure to pay for goods and services. The problem with contract disputes is that they can be hard to interpret according to the law, which leaves you wondering who is really right in the matter. An attorney can review your contract and help you go to court if you are in the right. 

Property Disputes 

There are a wide variety of property disputes that can be taken to court. A common one in real estate is determining who actually owns part of a property and easements. An easement is when someone is allowed access to your property to reach a property they own, and the dispute happens when someone is stopped from using the property they do not have ownership of. Another type of property dispute involves property damage. This involves any situation where someone's property was damaged by the other, and the person responsible refuses to pay for it. 

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27 February 2023

Improving My Life With A Great Lawyer

Although many people don't think of having legal counsel as improving their life, I have found that it has really helped me to feel empowered as a business owner. Without my lawyer, it was really difficult to figure out what I could say and what I couldn't say, and it really made things hard when I was out and about trying to make business deals. Fortunately, after I found the right lawyer, things became a lot more straightforward. This blog is all about improving your life and streamlining your business with the help of a great lawyer. After all, you never know when you will find yourself in court.